My Bestest Friend

In case yall dont know this sweet ole gal...this is Naked_Nikki. She is one of the most honest and sincere people that I have ever met thru chat. We met once by accident...I thought maybe she was Nummi...but she wasn't. LOL Then later I met her again wiff Nummi and we always said hello and bye in passing. Then she left and went to connection was gone for a bit. Then she came back...and we would chat on ICQ. Then one night we began to really talk and I was like hey...lets get off here and talk on the we did...we talked for over 2 hours...and it was truly amazing. I could actually talk to her and not feel stupid...we talked about all kinds of things...things I normally wouldnt tell anyone I told her...we kinda clicked that night...and I for one am glad we did. We got back online that night and we stayed up almost all night...for the first time in a long time I had a good time in Yahoo. I began to notice then that this was what life was all about...friendship...and I was glad to find it again. Since then we have become the best of friends in such a short time...and I am forever thankful for that one night...that changed our friendship for life. I know that we will be friends til the end of time and we will even remain close after that. I love you to deafers my Snookems and bath buddy...LOLOL. NEVER EVER forget that I am here for you...and that your nephew Joey and I are waiting to meet you...hehehe...Love ya lots toots!! ~huggies~

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